Iberian Delights: Five Unforgettable Spanish Cheese and Wine Pairings

Pairing cheese and wine is an art, a harmonious dance of flavours and aromas that can elevate your culinary experience to new heights. Spain, with its rich history of artisanal food production, offers a treasure trove of options when it comes to creating these delightful pairings. It is a delicate balance of ensuring that primary and secondary flavours meld together gracefully, creating a symphony on your palate rather than a clash of tastes. To simplify your journey into the world of Spanish cheese and wine pairings, I have done the groundwork for you. Here are my top five tried-and-tested combinations that promise to tantalise your taste buds.

Spanish cheeses

Monte Enebro and Cava: The effervescence of Cava Domingo de Thersys gracefully enhances the velvety texture of Monte Enebro, a soft and smooth goat's milk cheese. The creaminess of the cheese and the buttery undertones of Cava blend seamlessly, creating a delightful synergy.

Payoyo and White Rioja: Hacienda Grimon Rioja Blanco, with its light oaky notes, complements the nutty richness of Payoyo cheese. This semi-firm goat's milk cheese, with its hints of white chocolate, harmonises beautifully with the sophistication of Rioja Blanco, resulting in a pleasing combination.

Murcia al Vino and Rose: Known as the "Drunken Goat," Murcia al Vino boasts a unique character infused by its wine bath. The fruity essence it acquires pairs wonderfully with the fruity nature of Finca Fabian Garnacha Rosado, creating a vibrant and flavourful partnership.

Manchego Curado and Ribero del Duero: While red wines are not always the best choice for cheese pairings, mature sheep's milk cheeses like Manchego Curado prove to be an exception. This complex cheese, with its nutty and slightly peppery notes, finds its ideal match in the Diaz Bayo Ribera del Duero. Together, they offer a harmonious blend of flavours, including smooth chocolatey undertones.

Cabrales and Pedro Ximenez Sherry: Cabrales cheese, known for its fiery intensity as one of the boldest blue cheeses, finds balance when paired with the equally intense sweetness of Pedro Ximenez Sherry. This harmonious pairing tames the cheese's fiery nature, creating a delightful contrast of flavours on your palate. Alternatively, if Pedro Ximenez Sherry is not available, you can explore other sweet red-grape-based wines like Domaine Lafage Maury.


In the world of gastronomy, there is a special magic that occurs when you find the perfect pairing of cheese and wine. These Spanish cheese and wine pairings offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of flavours that Spain has to offer. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, these combinations promise to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through the diverse and vibrant world of Spanish cuisine. So, gather your favourite cheeses, uncork a bottle of wine, and embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more. Cheers to the exquisite delights of Spain!


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