Spoil the Cheese-Loving Men in Your Life this Father's Day

Subject Line: "Spoil the Cheese-Loving Men in Your Life this Father's Day"

Father's Day, taking place on June 18th this year, has evolved into a commercial extravaganza, offering an overwhelming array of cards, gifts, and activities for the special men in our lives. However, amidst this consumerism, Father's Day remains relevant, serving as a great opportunity to express our gratitude for the love and support our dads have bestowed upon us.

Yet, it's not just fathers who deserve to be pampered. What about grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers, and other significant male figures? They, too, warrant a little treat. And what better way to indulge the men in your life than with a classic combination that never fails to please? Beer and Cheese!

Artisan cheese and beer

Here are my top recommendations for craft beers:

1. Gubbeen: A renowned Irish farmhouse cheese from Co. Cork, made with pasteurized milk from the farm's own herd. This semi-firm cheese boasts a sweet, slightly herbal profile, accompanied by a distinctive orange rind and a delightfully pungent aroma. Perfectly suited for pairing with craft ales and red wines, it offers a creamy taste of the farmyard.

2. Gorwydd Caerphilly: An organic cow's milk cheese, zingy and sweet, crafted by Todd Trethowan. Originally hailing from Wales and now produced in Somerset, this cheese features a crumbly yet creamy texture, with milky and lemony flavors and a subtle earthy undertone. Pair it with lager or wheat beer for a delightful experience.

3. Lincolnshire Poacher: This "modern classic" English cheddar-style cheese, created by Simon Jones and his team at Ulceby Grange, Alford, Lincolnshire, combines raw cow's milk with traditional rennet. The result is a firm-textured cheese that blends the qualities of a farmhouse cheddar with Swiss mountain cheese. Its full fruity, nutty, and slight sharp flavour, along with a natural rind, makes it an excellent choice for craft pilsners, ales, and medium-bodied white and red wines, even port.

Artisan cheese and beer

4. Cashel Blue: Hailing from Co. Tipperary in Ireland, this distinctive full-fat blue cheese is made with pasteurised pedigree Friesian cow's milk and vegetarian rennet. The cheese, originally created by Louis and Jane Grubb and now crafted by their daughter, boasts a lusciously creamy texture, marbled with blue molds that contribute to its nutty, slightly sweet, and earthy taste. With its almost melting consistency, Cashel Blue is a mellow and creamy artisan blue cheese that pairs wonderfully with most beers.

So, this Father's Day, why not spoil the cheese-loving men in your life with a selection of exquisite artisan cheeses and a delectable bottle of beer (or two)? It's the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and celebrate their unique tastes and preferences. Make this Father's Day unforgettable for the cheese connoisseurs among us.

Wishing you a delightful Father's Day celebration filled with cheese and joy!

The Cheese Lady x


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