Crafting the Ultimate Summer Cheeseboard: A Celebration of British Farmhouse Cheeses

As summer graces us with its warmth and the days stretch long into the evening, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a thoughtfully curated cheeseboard. Imagine enjoying a selection of the finest farmhouse and artisan cheeses from Britain, each chosen to pair perfectly with refreshing sparkling drinks and light, summery white wines. For effortless accompaniments, add fresh fruits, honey, and a light crusty baguette. For slightly more adventurous pairings, explore my cheese and condiment suggestions below.

St. Jude

St. Jude, crafted by Julie Cheyney in Suffolk, is a true labour of love. Made from the milk of the Montbéliarde herd, this delicate, rich, and creamy cheese boasts a thin, wrinkled coat and a dense core with a cream line underneath. Its flavour is both delicate and complex, leaving a lingering finish that is sure to impress.

Condiment: Corsican Quince and Rosemary Jam, Charles Antona

The fragrant and sweet flavour of Corsican quince and rosemary jam enhances the subtle and creamy notes of St. Jude, adding a hint of herbal sweetness that complements the cheese’s complexity. 



Driftwood offers a symphony of creaminess and gentle textures. Wrapped in an elegant ash coat and adorned with a geotrichum rind, it provides subtle hints of pepper and earth with delightful citrus undertones. This award-winning cheese captivates with every nibble, making it a star that needs no introduction.

Condiment: Chestnut Honey

The rich, caramelly sweetness of chestnut honey pairs beautifully with Driftwood’s creamy texture and citrus undertones, creating a harmonious blend of flavours with a hint of earthy depth.




Bonnet is a luxurious goats' cheese from Ayrshire, Scotland. This firm cheese, made from Swiss Saanen and Toggenburg goats' milk, has a smooth, creamy texture with a nutty flavour and delicate sweetness. Aged for 6 to 10 months, Bonnet pairs wonderfully with fresh apples or pears.

Condiment: Fig Jam

The sweet and slightly crunchy texture of fig jam complements Bonnet’s nutty and creamy profile, offering a vibrant, fruity twist that highlights the cheese’s delicate sweetness. 


Wyfe of Bath

Wyfe of Bath, often referred to as England’s answer to Dutch Gouda, is a deep-golden cows' milk cheese with a firm, dense paste. Its rich and nutty flavour evokes buttercups and summer meadows, leaving a pleasant buttery aftertaste.

Condiment: Bittersweet Pickled Figs

The tangy and slightly bitter notes of pickled figs add a delightful contrast to Wyfe of Bath’s nutty and buttery flavours, enhancing its richness and adding an extra layer of complexity. 


Barkham Blue

Barkham Blue, made from Guernsey cows' milk, has a distinctive ammonite-shaped round and a natural mould-ripened rustic rind. Its deep golden interior marbled with dark blue-green veins offers a rich blue taste and smooth, buttery texture without harshness.

Condiment: Dark Chocolate

The deep, slightly bitter flavours of dark chocolate contrast beautifully with Barkham Blue’s rich, buttery texture and blue veins, creating a luxurious and unexpected pairing that highlights the cheese’s complex flavours. 


Creating a summer cheeseboard with these five exceptional British farmhouse and artisan cheeses will undoubtedly make your gatherings memorable. Each cheese brings its unique character to the table, beautifully paired with refreshing drinks and summery accompaniments. By incorporating unusual condiments like Corsican quince and rosemary jam or dark chocolate, you’ll surprise and delight your guests with unexpected flavour combinations. Here’s to a summer of delightful flavours and unforgettable moments!



The Cheese Lady x



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