Mahon PDO

Crumbly. Zingy. Delicate.

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Contains cow's milk Pairs well with fortified wines RRaw/unpasteurised Pairs well with white wine

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originSpain, Menorca
style textureRubbed with paprika, semi-firm and crumbly
milk treatmentRaw
drinkFino sherry, light white wine, beer


About the Cheese

Mahon cheese, famous for its paprika-rubbed exterior, is a culinary gem originating from Menorca, steeped in centuries of tradition.

Historical records trace its trade back to the 13th century Mediterranean markets, solidifying its status as a cherished cultural icon.

Today, protected under geographical indication, artisan Mahon stands distinct from its industrial counterpart with its signature paprika-coated rind, which imparts a robust and complex flavour profile.

Matured by skilled afinadores, our semi-mature Mahon offers a delightful texture that is slightly crumbly, complementing its fruity and subtly zingy taste.

Versatile in both snacking and cooking, it pairs wonderfully with light white wines, sherries, and beers, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.


Cheesemaker: Quesos Torralba

Quesos Torralba rooted in the heart of Menorca, epitomise a legacy of dedication and craftsmanship spanning over a century.

Founded in 1939 by Josep Cardona, affectionately known as "Bep de Torralba," the family business began humbly in Alaior, Menorca. Fueled by a passion for quality and tradition, the Cardona family meticulously produces Mahon cheese using time-honoured methods.

Milked daily from their prized Friesian cows, raised in pristine, free-roaming conditions, the milk undergoes a natural curdling process with rennet, lactic ferments, and salt as the only additives.

Each cheese is wrapped in fogasser cloth, pressed to perfection, and aged in specialised vats, where it matures under strict health standards. Hand-rubbed with olive oil and red pepper for ideal skin elasticity, every piece of Torralba cheese is a testament to uniqueness and artisan excellence, reflecting Menorca's rich cheesemaking heritage with every delectable bite.

This cheese is featured in our Spanish Selection

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