Monte Enebro


Dense. Creamy. Intense.

Origin: Castile and León

Style and Texture: Blue, soft

Milk: Goat

Milk Treatment: Pasteurised

Rennet: Traditional

Drink: Sparkling wines, medium-bodied white wines, white port

Complement with: toast for cheese, chestnut honey

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Monte Enebro has a considerable international reputation and is now sold worldwide. The Baeze family produce Monte Enebro using penicilium roqueforti (the same mould used to make Roquefort), but it is on the outside of the cheese. When young, the interior paste of the cheese is snowy white white and slightly chalky in texture. With age, the paste tends to break down and becomes runny and almost translucent, especially under the skin. The texture is smooth with an intense lingering flavour, hints of mushroom and herbs.

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