Mimolette 18M+


Firm. Butterscotch-y. Sweet.

Origin: France, Hauts-de-France

Style and Texture: Firm gouda

Milk: Cow

Milk Treatment: Pasteurised

Rennet: Traditional

Drink: medium-bodied white and red wines, fortified wines, ales

Complement with: bittersweet figs or baked figs ball, walnut crackers

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Mimolette is the famous mite-y cheese from the north of France. Its appearance is very memorable and immediately recognizable: the outside is uneven and covered in little craters, whereas the inside is bright orange. But worry not, the colour is completely natural. Annatto (the colouring agent) is derived from the seeds of a South American shrub.

Mimolette is made to the same recipe as the Dutch Edam cheese. Its minimum maturation period can be as short as 6 weeks, when the cheese is still pliable and relatively mild. But it’s worth looking out for more mature examples (18+ months) to get a real treat. Extra mature Mimolette is hard and intense, displaying sweet butterscotchy and nutty notes.