Gorwydd Caerphilly


Crumbly. Zingy. Sweet. 

Origin: England, Somerset

Style and Texture: Crumbly, semi-firm

Milk: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Drink: Lager, light wine wine

Complement with: charcoal crackers, pigeon pate or fruity chutney with cider


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This is the only traditional cheese associated with Wales. Todd Trethowan revived this wonderful raw cows’ milk treasure and used to makes it in Wales until recently. Now the production moved across the border to Somerset. Under the natural velvety-looking rind you will find crumbly but still creamy texture, with milky and lemony notes in flavour and a slight earthy after-note. Enjoy with wheat beer or fruity white wines.

This cheese is featured in our Beer Selection.

Customer quote “It was good to be reacquainted with Caerphilly (Gorwydd). I have not seen Caerphilly for years. Lovely texture and enjoyable medium strength. Once started, needs to be eaten quickly (Not difficult).”

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