How to make Italian Fonduta

Winter is the melty cheese season and everybody is happily dusting off their fondue sets. If this winter you'd like to try a new take on fondue, check out this traditional Italian melty cheese dish called fonduta. 

Consisting only of 4 main ingredients, it's pretty easy to make. Even more importantly, it is incredibly delicious and moreish. 


  • 250g Fontina cheese rind trimmed, cut into small dice
  • 1tbsp flour
  • 130 ml of milk
  • 2 egg yolks
  • Optional: white truffle or white truffle oil


Place the cheese in a fondue pot with the flour and slowly heat until melted

Pour in the milk and stir until there are no lumps

Add the egg yolks and quickly stir in to combine. It's important the fondue isn't simmering ferociously at this point, as this will cause the eggs to scramble

Taste and season with salt, pepper and some truffle (if using). Keep warm and dip pieces of bread into the cheese sauce

Important note

The key ingredient in a delicious fonduta, of course, is cheese. Get some proper Italian Fontina here