3 cheese buying mistakes to avoid (or how to find the most delicious cheese)

Do you love complex delicious lingering cheeses but sometimes you find yourself disappointed after buying cheese? Let me tell you about the three mistakes that you could be making. Make sure to avoid them and you will be sure to enjoy the most exquisite fine cheeses on offer.

Mimolette: gouda-style cheese with mites


Mistake number 1 is buying cheeses out of a supermarket. It is a little bit of an obvious one, but sometimes people are confused. They will see cheeses in specialist cheese shops and supermarkets with the same name, and they’ll think they are the same. They are not. The milk is not as complex and full on. And these cheeses are not as mature as the ones in specialist cheese shops. As a result, you definitely will end up with an inferior experience.

The takeaway here is to buy cheeses made from natural wholesome milk that is packed with amazing nutrients, which in turn contribute to the complexity of cheese, which is further enhanced by proper and extended maturation.


Mistake number 2 is buying cheeses that are vacuum packed. When cheese is chopped up into small wedges and vacuum packed, it really sucks out all the life out of that cheese. It changes its texture, its aroma, its flavour. Therefore, you will end up with a less delicious cheese. It’s a well-known fact that farmhouse and artisan cheeses are more pricey, than mass-produced ones, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you get your money’s worth by not having your Fine Cheese vacuum-packed (aka suffocated).

Stichelton: Stilton-like raw milk blue cheese


Mistake number 3 is not asking for professional help. When you are in a specialist cheese shop. I do encourage you to ask for specialised, personalised recommendations. Let your cheesemonger know what you like, what you don’t like. Ask them what’s in season and what’s great for the wine (or another beverage) that you will be having. They will give you completely personalised recommendations that will be sure to enhance you cheese savouring experience.

I hope this helps and hope that you have a fantastic cheese shopping experience next time.


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The Cheese Lady x