Explore our exciting selection of the best Farmhouse and Artisan cheeses from Britain and the Continent.

The Cheese Lady sources only the cheeses that are made from pure ingredients, with no chemical or artificial additives. These cheeses are made by craftsmen who really understand and care about the art of traditional cheese making. Because these cheeses are produced from unadulterated milk and matured properly and slowly, they are complex and lingering, and have a “taste of place”. What’s more, they are alive. We call this type of cheese “Fine Cheese”.

If you’d like a little hand with make the right selection from our wide range of cheese, you are welcome to book a free Cheese Consultation with the Cheese Lady herself where she’ll be happy to help you find the perfect cheeses for you. To book click HERE. 

At the check-out, you will be able to pick a date in the future for your delivery or collection. 

103 products

103 products