The Cheese Lady on Fine Cheese

"Proper cheese is the expression of its terroir, in the same way as great wines are. It’s made up of nutritious and flavoursome milk sourced from happy and healthy animals, skilful cheesemaking, and very importantly, careful affinage; it exudes local history, traditions, and culture.

An outstanding cheese married with an equally fine wine is a truly wonderful sensory experience. I love talking to people about this "affordable luxury", tasting cheeses and wines with them, sharing my knowledge about their origins and production methods. The most enriching and amazing part of what I do is to see people learn to appreciate fine cheeses and become lifetime aficionados." 

Curriculum Vitae

2017 - Present

- Founder of The Cheese Lady Shop in Haddington, Scotland

- Cheese Judge at the Royal Highland Show 2018 & 2019

- Training Provider (Level 1), The Cheese Academy

2014 - 2017

- Freelance cheese and wine consultant specialising in cheese and wine tastings

Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits (QCF), Pass with Merit

2010 - 2014

- Founder and proprietor of The Guid Cheese Shop in St Andrews, Scotland

- Cheese Judge at the World Cheese Awards

2009 - 2010

- Cheesemaker at a farm in Scotland. Made Cheshire-style cheese by hand using traditional methods

- Cheese book author. Wrote Cheese Connoiseur's Handbook (in Russian)

2006 - 2009

- Affinage (cheese maturation) intern at Herve Mons's cheese caves in France

- Cheesesmonger, affineur and tasting events intern at Murray's Cheese Shop in New York City. Retailed over 300 cheese varieties of cheese on the daily basis, matured cheese in 5 underground caves, assisted at numerous cheese and wine tasting and paring events

The Cheese Lady to win Farm shop and deli awards 2019
Svetlana Kukharchuk - The Cheese Lady
Svetlana Kukharchuk - The Cheese Lady