We exist to champion Farmhouse and Artisan cheeses and to inspire Slow and Joyful Living.

Enjoying delicious cheeses is one of life’s true pleasures, especially when you need to slow down, unwind and spend some quality time with your favourite people. If like us, you love the complex flavour and aroma of traditionally-made cheese and the pleasure of discovering new favourites, the Cheese Lady shop is for you. We believe that fine cheese isn’t just good for your soul, it’s good for your overall well-being too. Our fine cheeses are naturally wholesome, full of vital nutrients and free from industrial additives. So they can and should be a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

What exactly is Fine Cheese?

  • Fine cheese comes from great milk; animal welfare and feed are paramount
  • Fine cheese is made in a traditional way by masters of the cheesemaking craft
  • Fine cheese is a properly matured cheese
  • Fine cheese is full of health benefits, when consumed in moderation
  • Fine cheese is a seasonal product
  • Fine cheese has terroir
Fine cheese selection
The Cheese Lady based in Haddington, East Lothian
Selles-sur-Cher: Artisan goat's milk cheese from France


Since 2017, we have been serving the best Farmhouse and Artisan cheeses to the cheese lovers across East Lothian and across the rest of the UK.

Our business, and our cheese selection, are inspired by the travels and expertise of Svetlana, our founder. Previously the owner of The Guid Cheese Shop in St. Andrews, Scotland (where she earned the nickname “the cheese lady”), Svetlana has been developing this love affair with fine cheese for well over a decade now. She has learned from the best cheese retailers, cheese makers and maturers in the trade. She has gone on to write a book on cheese, judge cheeses at competitions and spread her passion through tasting events and masterclasses. To learn more about Svetlana’s cheese journey and expertise please read here.

We bring you an extensive and curated range of authentic farmhouse and artisan cheeses that have been made by the masters of the cheesemaking craft and carefully matured to perfection. Our a friendly team of cheese experts can help you find perfect cheeses for your taste, occasion and drink of choice. In addition to cheese, we stock artisan crackers, chutney, conserved fruit, savoury pates and terrines, and much more… all our accompaniments complement the beautiful flavours of our cheeses.

We’re passionate about helping our customers and their loved ones to eat well and savour life. We hope to give you as much pleasure in enjoying our cheeses as we get from sharing them with you.


"Proper cheese is the expression of its terroir, in the same way as great wines are. It’s made up of nutritious and flavoursome milk sourced from happy and healthy animals, skilful cheesemaking, and very importantly, careful affinage; it exudes local history, traditions, and culture.

An outstanding cheese married with an equally fine wine is a truly wonderful sensory experience. I love talking to people about this "affordable luxury", tasting cheeses and wines with them, sharing my knowledge about their origins and production methods. The most enriching and amazing part of what I do is to see people learn to appreciate fine cheeses and become lifetime aficionados."