Celebrate English Blue Cheese: Three Top Picks for Your April Cheeseboard

April heralds a special time at The Cheese Lady as we celebrate the artisan craft and rich heritage of English blue cheeses. This month, we invite you to explore, savour, and indulge in three exceptional blue cheeses that highlight the heart and soul of modern English cheesemaking, rooted in tradition. 

1. Barkham Blue: A Creamy Elegance

Barkham Blue stands as a paragon of English blue cheeses, renowned for its silky, buttery texture and a flavour profile that balances richness with refined delicacy. Crafted from the creamy milk of Guernsey cows, its deep yellow, buttery interior is marbled with striking dark blue-green veins, offering a visual feast as enticing as its taste.

The cheese's unique ammonite shape, enveloped in a natural, rustic rind, is not just a nod to artistic cheesemaking but also an invitation to experience a sensory delight. With a flavour that evolves gracefully from grassy, youthful notes to a mature, buttery depth, Barkham Blue is a testament to the transformative power of aging. It's the perfect cheese for those who seek a blue cheese experience that is rich and luxurious without any harshness, offering a melt-in-the-mouth sensation that lingers lovingly on the palate.

2. Stichelton: An Artisan Legacy

Stichelton, a name that resonates with history and tradition, is a cheese that tells a story in every bite. Produced in the verdant pastures on the northern borders of Sherwood Forest, this cheese is a labour of love and dedication by cheesemaker Joe Schneider and his team, who bring the finest Friesian-Holstein milk to life in the form of exquisite blue cheese.

Stichelton's texture is sumptuously creamy, with flavours that weave together spicy, nutty, savoury, and sweet notes into a complex tapestry of taste. The cheese's meticulous production process, from hand-ladled curds to careful maturation, ensures each wheel expresses the essence of its origin and craftsmanship. As you savour Stichelton, you are not just enjoying a cheese but partaking in a legacy of artisan excellence that continues to inspire and delight.

3. Pevensey Blue: A New Classic

The newest gem in our collection, Pevensey Blue, has already captured hearts and awards with its sublime taste and texture. Crafted in Sussex, this cheese is a celebration of local terroir, made from the milk of cows grazing the lush Pevensey Levels. Its soft, creamy consistency, combined with a rich, Gorgonzola Piccante-like flavour, offers an experience that is both comforting and novel.

Pevensey Blue stands out for its harmonious balance of sweet, fudgy flavours and earthy undertones, creating a cheese that is approachable yet intriguing. Its accolades at the Artisan Cheese Awards underscore its excellence and promise as a cheese that appeals to connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

As we conclude our exploration of these exceptional English blue cheeses, remember that their bold flavours and unique textures are what make a cheeseboard truly memorable. Whether you are hosting a sophisticated soiree or enjoying a quiet evening at home, these blue cheeses are are sure to leave a lasting impression, asserting their presence as the pinnacle of your cheese selection.

 Pevensey Blue


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