The Cheese Lady goes to Barwheys Dairy

A few years ago I had the privilege to visit this wonderful Ayrshire-based cheesemaker – Barwheys Dairy. I had tasted their cheese before my visit but after spending the whole day at the dairy I could fully appreciate what a truly amazing FARMHOUSE cheese it is!

The milk comes from the farm’s own herd of pedigree Ayrshire cattle that graze outdoors on the green grasses of Ayrshire for the biggest part of the year. The cheese making process is done mostly by hand under the supervision of an experienced head cheese maker who knows exactly how the milk is behaving on the day and what adjustments in the process may be required. The milk is never altered or pasteurised: it’s the recipe that may get a little tweak, but never the milk. Newly made truckles get carefully wrapped in cloth and enjoy a slow maturation process (10-12 months) in the aging room. The resulting cheese is a true expression of Ayrshire terroir!

Update: unfortunately, in 2019 The Barwayes Dairy stopped cheese production. Read more HERE.

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