Classic Cheese and Wine Pairing: Roquefort and Sauternes

Love cheese? Love wine? But not sure how to pair them together? In my short blogs about cheese and wine pairings I will tell you about my most loved combinations. In this post the  spotlight is on one the most classic cheese and wine pairings known to man – Roquefort and Sauternes. Roquefort and Sauternes: classic cheese and wine pairing

I’d like to start with (probably) my most favourite cheese and wine pairing of all times – Roquefort and Sauternes (blue sheeps’ milk cheese and a dessert wine, both from France). Unfortunately, I cannot claim inventing this pairing but I definitely can say that discovering it (when I just started working in cheese well over a decade ago) truly changed my life and my whole perspective on cheese, wine, and enjoying them together in perfect harmony.

As the old adage goes “Opposites attract”, and it is very much the case with Roquefort and Sauternes. The full-on complex and salty flavour of this ewes’ milk cheeses is perfectly balanced out by the complex sweetness of Sauternes and its refreshing acidity cuts right through the richness of Roquefort. The best way to enjoy it is to sit down with your chilled glass of Sauternes and a room-temperature slice of Roquefort, pop a bit of the cheese in your mouth and add a little bit of the wine…Slowly blend them together, close your eyes and enjoy the transformation of the flavours in your mouth. Repeat as necessary…

A little word of advice, always aim to buy Roquefort cut from the wheel (little suffocated in plastic slices just don’t taste the same). My most favourite Roquefort is “Le Vieux Berger” (green and red label) made by the Combes family in the most traditional way.

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