Fine Cheese Club “Connoisseur”



The Connoisseur Cheese Club is designed for the cheese lovers who would like to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Fine Cheese.

The 6-months program will take you from a novice cheese lover to a confident connoisseur.

The journey is designed to be enlightening, as well as delicious.

Places in this Club are limited to ensure and maintain high quality standards.

The new program is scheduled to start in February 2021.

Please register your interest HERE.


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What is included

  • Five farmhouse and artisan cheeses (750-850g in weight)
  • Artisan crackers or oatcakes to enhance your cheese experience
  • Artisan condiment to complement the selection (eg. chutney, quince paste, or jam)
  • Charcuterie pack
  • Monthly guided tasting with the Cheese Lady
  • Cheese tasting notes and beverage pairing suggestions from the Cheese Lady to keep
  • A new cheese lover’s essential every month


How it works

  • Each month for 6 months The Cheese Lady will send you a selection of cheeses that will showcase a variety of milk types, textures, and flavour profiles, with a special focus on seasonal, guest and monthly-featured cheeses. A number of topics will be covered, including cheese making techniques, maturation techniques, styles of cheese, main cheese making countries, pairing cheeses with beverages, and more.
  • Your cheese box will arrive on the 2nd Thursday of the month (Exception: in January the box will arrive on the 3rd Thursday).
  • A guided tasting will take place on the 2nd Saturday of the month via Zoom (Exception: in January the box will arrive on the 3rd Saturday).
  • You’ll be welcome to bring beverages to the tasting.
  • You’ll be welcome to ask questions and participate in the tasting discussion.


When placing an order, please make sure to provide

  • an alternative delivery instruction, in case you’re not in to receive the order (such as “leave in porch, leave in a shed, leave with neighbour”)
  • complete and correct post code and telephone number


Returns, Claims and Exceptions

Cheeses are perishable goods therefore unfortunately we cannot accept returns. However, if you suspect something is wrong with your order please contact us immediately and if at all possible supply pictures of the issue.

We will do everything possible to re-route orders for timely delivery but cannot be responsible for damaged or compromised product due to the following:

  • Delayed deliveries due to weather or other “force majeure” situations;
  • Incorrect addresses;
  • Unopened shipments;
  • Gift shipments sent to recipients who are out of town or otherwise unavailable to receive their shipment. Please notify recipient of the pending arrival of perishables.



We take great care in packaging and delivering your order.

  • Cheeses are wrapped in specialist cheese paper that will allow them to breathe and not suffocate.
  • Cheeses and condiments are then packaged in a cardboard box (reusable and recyclable) with an insulated foil pouch and ice packs to ensure the correct temperature is maintained for a minimum of 24 hours (up to 48 hours, if required).

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