Three-tier celebration cake made purely of British vegetarian cheeses offering 2 different milk types and a variety of textures and flavours.

To ensure availability of all artisan and farmhouse cheeses, please place your order at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

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Cheese 1: Cornish Yarg

  • Modern artisanally-made cheese wrapped in nettles
  • Semi-firm, rich, mushroomy
  • Pasteurised cows’ milk
  • Vegetarian rennet

Cheese 2: Gorwydd Carphilly

  • Classic British cheese
  • Semi-firm, crumbly, sweet with slight zingy
  • Raw cows’ milk
  • Traditional rennet

Cheese 3: White Nancy

  • Modern artisanally-made cheese
  • Elegant, gently crumbly
  • Thermised goats’ milk
  • Vegetarian rennet


5.8kg (Please note, the weights of cheeses are approximate due to their artisanal production and hand-cutting)

Serves 65-90 guests


Available upon request. Cost varies depending on complexity. Please Contact Us for more details.