Manchego PDO (curado)


Firm. Complex. Peppery.

Origin: Spain, La Mancha

Style and Texture: Firm

Milk: Ewe

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Drinks: Sherry, red wine

This cheese is featured in our Spanish Selection

Complement with: membrillo (quince paste), buttermilk crackers

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This Manchego is pure quality. Named after the source of the Guadiana river, this dairy is a cooperative made up of 12 shepherds. They wished to merge and work together to be able to produce the best quality milk. Their sheep graze extensively in the protected “Tablas de Daimiel” national park. The cheesemaking process is overseen by a Master Cheesemaker with 30 years of experience. The resulting raw milk Manchego is aged for 9 months during which it develops an incredible depth of flavour and nutty zing.

This cheese is featured in our Spanish Selection.

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