Great British Selection


Venture off the beaten track and treat your cheese-loving palate to a selection of truly remarkable examples of modern British cheese making. The British Selection has 4 cheeses and 2 condiments and will serve 2-8 cheese lovers.


  • Baron Bigod: creamy, mushroomy, lingering, 200g
  • Rachel: elegant, sweet, nutty, 200g
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar: assertive, crumbly, sharp, 200g
  • Cornish Blue: dense, nutty, full-on, 200g
  • Fig Chutney: 1 jar (260g)
  • Charcoal Miller’s Damsels: 1 box (125g)
  • The Cheese Lady Guide to Fine Cheese
  • Cheese notes and beverage suggestions

*Please note: weights of cheeses are approximate but the total weight of cheese in the selection will be at least 800g.




Note: Due to the relatively small scale of our cheese and condiment producers occasionally some cheeses and condiments may be unavailable and we will have to substitute them with similar products.