Bleu des Causses PDO


Rich. Creamy. Strong. 

Origin: France, Midi-Pyrénées

Style and Texture: Strong blue

Milk: Cow

Milk Treatment: Pasteurised

Rennet: Traditional

Drink: dessert white wines

This cheese is featured in our French Selection.

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Bleu des Causses is made in the heart of the stark limestone country known as Les Causses. The cheese gets much of its flavour and character from the in those limestone caves where over the course of 3-6 months it develops nice deep pockets of greenish-blue mould and a bold and spicy character.

The milk from Laguiole cows is responsible for the incredibly smooth and luscious texture of this cheese. It makes an absolutely incredible dessert when served with a sweet white wine, such as Sauternes or late harvest Gewurtztraminer.

This cheese is featured in our French Selection.

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