Berner Hobelkase (Summer 2019)


Hard. Rich. Caramelly. 

Origin: Switzerland, Bernese Oberland

Style and Texture: Mountain, hard and smooth

Milk: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Drink: Medium-bodied white and red wines, rosé wines

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Berner Hobelkase is one of the most sought-after Alpine cheeses, produced in small quantities only in the summer months, when cows can graze on the most amazing alpine meadows bursting with fresh grasses, flowers and herbs.
The cheeses are made in copper vats heated over the open fire. The wheels are normally matured over 12 months. Our Berner Hobelkase has been matured for nearly 2 years! The resulting flavour is intense – full of sweet caramelly notes, . The texture is hard but smooth with small protein crystals.
Enjoy with medium to full-bodied white and red wines.