Crumbly. Buttery. Zingy.

Origin: Scotland, Fife

Style and Texture: Firm/crumbly

Milk: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Drinks: craft cider, lager, light-bodied white wines, light-bodies whisky



Anster is a Scottish cows’ milk cheese. St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co. uses raw milk from its home-bred herd of Holstein Friesian cows, which graze the fields overlooking the Firth of Forth. This firm crumbly cheese with a slight tang, is made by hand using traditional techniques and is based on Cheshire recipe. It has wonderfully fresh, milky notes and a lively zing. Best enjoyed with some crusty fresh bread and your favourite craft cider. But for an extra special treat, enjoy with with some fruitcake!


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