4 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

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Festive artisan cheese selection

4 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Holiday Cheeseboard Who doesn’t love a good cheeseboard for holidays? Although having a selection of cheese before or after a meal may seem like something just for special occasions, it really is something that can be done a lot more regularly. Most people are simply overwhelmed by theRead More

Cheese terms every aficionado needs to know

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fine cheese

Demystifying cheese terminology: the cheese terms every fine cheese aficionado needs to know “Do you have any Vintage [insert cheese name]?” – a visitor asked me at the cheese shop. “I’m afraid we do not…” – said I looking perplexed having never heard of this particular cheese. Wanting to help the man to find somethingRead More

The perfect introduction to cheese & wine

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Cheese and wine tasting evening

Fine cheese and wine pairing: The perfect introduction Do you love cheese? Then this is the perfect experience for you or any cheese lover you know! I was very lucky to be invited along to an evening of fine cheese, and fine wine, hosted by Svetlana, aka The Cheese Lady, a few weeks ago.  IRead More

The secret to a great Swiss Fondue

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Swiss fondue recipe

The secret to a great Swiss Fondue There is a bit of an art and science to making a nice fondue. However, the secret to a proper Swiss Fondue is to use the right kind of cheeses. Two cheeses to be precise — they are Gruyere and Vacherin Fribourgeois* (not to be confused with Vacherin MontRead More